Staff Training

18th & 25th Nov Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education  (CACHE) Level 1
3rd May Basic Life Support (BLS)
17th April Managing Challenging Behaviour
1st March Differentiation
25th February Sudden Infant Death (SID)
29th November Risk Assessment in the Classroom and Garden
27th November Fine Motor Skills (small hand and muscles)
21st November Bus Outings
15th November Math Through Play
14th November Developmental Milestones 1 to 2 years
6th November Role Play – Shopping and Money
18th May Child Protection
20th April Curriculum planning
22nd February Health and Safety
25th November Health and Safety
26th May Sand and water play
16th March Musical Workshop
11th March Theories of Child Development
  1 year course Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education  (CACHE) Level 3
20th October ADEC Safety in the Nurseries
21st May Classroom Management
9th January Arabian Child Jawda (Quality) Observation and Assessment (Awarded 5 stars in 6 areas)
20th April Roles and Responsibilities
5th May The Revised Early Years Foudnation Stage (EYFS)
18th June Fire Prevention and Prcedure
11th June American Health Association First Aid
19th May Mark making
17th March Cicrle Time
10th December Language and Development