Daffodil ~ 3 years to 3.5 years

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Imelda Roldan ~ LSA
Imelda Roldan ~ LSA
Studying CACHE Level 1; Diploma in Midwife & Health Aide
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Classrooms ~ Creative Notice ~ Interest Tables

Table top activities for children to make choices to free play.  Small world play, using your imagination with jungle animals.  Role play equipment in all classrooms, cooking and tea parties with dolls.  Lots of storage for educational equipment and teaching resources.  Equipment for daily mark making activities, pre writing skills, chalks, paint brushes and colour markers.  All classrooms have both a book and home corner. Cooker, washing machine and iron for imaganitive role play.  15. Interest table changed weekly - Mini beasts, small animals that crawl - Butterfles.  14. Hind is learning to understand about the different seasons, cutting and sticking to make a cold drink and a ice lolly.  13. Creative notice boards changed weekly - Themed topic - the summer season.  12. Saif is learning to recognise the letter sound Z through painting, cutting, sticking and singing a song.  11. Creative notice boards changed weekly - Jolly phonics letter sound Z z - Bee buzzes.
Table top activities for children to make choices to free play.
  • Registered experienced HAAD qualified Nurse on duty from 8 am to 5 pm daily
  • Certified child care Floor Supervisor responsible for 4 classrooms for children
  • Qualified child care staff with many hours of experience and Personal and Professional Development (PPD) in house training
  • Key person allocated for child
  • Following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for the learning and development of each age and stage


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