Sunflower ~ 1 year 8 months to 2 years

~ Staff Members ~ 

Maria Elena Despojado ~ LSA
Maria Elena Despojado ~ LSA
Certificate in Early Childhood and Care ~ Midwife Certificate
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~ Playroom ~ Creative Boards ~ 

Sunflower playroom. Mirrors for communication, books for reading, individual beds for sleeping time   Sunflower playroom. The jungle theme room, full of storage for exciting hands on toys for learning   Sunflower playroom. Home corner kitchens, cooking equipment with fruits and vegetables   Sunflower playroom. Entrance to seperate sleeping area.   Sunflower playroom. Different tables set up for  different activities - farm animals, playdough, art creations   Sunflower playroom. Assorted jigsaws for little hands to learn hand to eye coordination   16. Art work - Adorable Ant hand print with the toddlers Key Person.   15. Creative notice boards changed weekly. Mini beasts - animals that crawl.   14. Art work Amazing airplane foot prints with the toddlers Key Person.   13. Creative notice board changed weekly. Transport in the air - Amazing Airplane.
Sunflower playroom. Mirrors for communication, books for reading, individual beds for sleeping time
  • Registered experienced HAAD qualified Nurse on duty from 8 am to 5 pm daily.
  • Certified child care Floor Supervisor responsible for 4 playrooms for staff, babies and toddlers.
  • Qualified child care staff with many hours of experience and Personal and Professional Development (PPD) in house training.
  • Colourful playroom with pretty wall paintings of the themed topic – Walking through the jungle.
  • Key person allocated for each baby and toddler.
  • 10 spaces for toddlers in this playroom. 5 toddlers to 1 staff member.
  • Daily records of the drinking, eating, sleeping and nappy changes recorded.
  • Separate sleep area with individual cots.
  • Sensory toys with development in mind.
  • Following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for the learning and development of each age and stage.
  • Weekly fun with finger, hand and foot paintings.
  • Settling in observations sent to all parents after 6 weeks.
  • A Learning Journey book is prepared for every child – a weekly photograph and sample of the babies/toddlers. creative art are placed in the book for parents to view.

For further booking details contact the administration office – Registrar 037612204 extension 159